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We are an e-commerce company specializing in the delivery of Ethiopian food and spices to Ethiopian food lovers in cyber space. We are the first, and only company, to bring Injera Online!

We realize that many of our fellow Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia do not live in cities with relatively large Ethiopian populations where Injera is sold in 7-Elevens and mini markets. As a result, many have been forced to settle for less. Even those who have access to restaurants and other retail stores that sell Injera simply do not have the time to go shopping regularly.

Our company, based in Culver City California, is committed to providing you with the highest quality Teff-injera, with the purest ingredients, at an affordable price, in a timely fashion.

Our Injera is prepared in compliance with California Health Department standards. Every package of Injera is prepared with the utmost care and consideration and delivered fresh.

We make next-day and second-day deliveries of injera baked fresh on the day of the order. We guarantee your satisfaction with our wholesome injera. If you are not satisfied with our injera, just call and/or email us, we will refund your money � no questions asked.






We offer family meals, catering, wholesome Injera for events, parties, special dining, weddings and more! Thank you for visiting us. For inquiries and more information call us and we would be happy to talk to you.

Call 1-877-Ring Ethiopia

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